Year of Faith

The year will involve informing oneself about the faith, celebrating it and living it. We don’t do one without the other two. It’s not enough just to study the faith and never go to Mass or never put it into action.


What is the Year of Faith 2012

A Prayer for the Year of Faith


Deepening our personal prayer life:

As part of our personal journey in this special Year of Faith , teachers might consider reading the catechesis of the Holy Father regarding prayer in the life of the Christian. Pope Benedict XVI gave these teachings at his weekly audiences throughout 2011.  These are gathered here in one document for your convenience :

Pope Benedict XV1 Talks on Prayer

Blessing and Litany for Feast of St Brigid

This resource includes a newly composed Blessing of the rush cross associated with St Brigid and a specially composed Litany for use on her feast February 1st.

St Brigid Blessing and Litany 2012

Here are some shared resources on the life of St Brigid and also some of her prayers:


St Brigid ..her life St Brigid

Blessing Prayer

Blessing of St Brigid’s Crosses

St Brigid Blessing and Litany


Prayer of St Brigid

Religious Education in RC Post Primary School:

Post-Primary Adviser – Reflection on the role for today:

“At the heart of our faith is the invitation to respond to the call of God. In particular, as Diocesan Advisers involved in catechesis, our challenge is to enable teachers and their pupils to hear that call and respond to it. I see my role in this area as encouraging, supporting, affirming, resourcing and providing up-to-date information to our teachers in order to spread the Gospel message in the classroom. In this sense Religious Education must be more than teaching knowledge and skills of an academic discipline, it must be about a lived experience of passing on the faith; to challenge teachers and pupils to bring Christ alive in ways appropriate to their stage of faith, through encouraging compassion, tolerance, understanding and respect for each other and for all those whom they meet in their lives.”