Pope Francis in Ireland

Donna kindly sent these on for others to use.

Following his recent visit to Ireland for the World Meeting of Families, you could start each RE class on Pope Francis.
1. First clip – some general background
2.  A Powerpoint emphasising some key teachings/ideals of Pope Francis
3. A short review of the Papal visit to Ireland
Archbishop Eamon to hold Mass of Thanksgiving:

One week on from the conclusion of the World Meeting of Families, the joy of that wonderful occasion together with the visit of Pope Francis continues to ring out in my heart!

During these days there has been so much positive feedback from those who participated in the events at Armagh, the RDS, Croke Park, Knock and Phoenix Park.  None of all this could have happened without the support and contribution of our organising teams, helpers and priests, including yourself.

I invite you to a Mass of Thanksgiving in St Patrick’s Cathedral Armagh on Wednesday, 26September at 7.30 p.m. and afterwards to a cup of tea in the Synod Hall.  This is a simple opportunity to acknowledge the graces we have all received from the World Meeting of Families and in particular, for me to say thanks to all those who helped at diocesan level to make the World Meeting such a success.

When you have some idea who will be attending, please let Sharon Dunne know.  The diocesan choir who helped provided the music in the RDS and Phoenix Park will be singing at our Mass on the 26th – the joy of love, a joy for all God’s family!

I look forward to seeing you there.

With every blessing and kindest regards,

Yours sincerely,

Eamon Martin      Archbishop of Armagh




Full texts of talks and homilies of Pope Francis Translated into English were published in The Tablet last week.



Veritas are to bring out a colour booklet as well see below.

As expected we have had a lot of interest from customers wishing to have a copy of all the homilies, speeches and addresses during the Apostolic visit of His Holiness to Ireland on the Occasion of the 10th World Meeting of Families

We are pleased to inform you that we are currently putting the final touches to Pope Francis in Ireland, a full colour commemorative publication containing pictures of the event alongside transcripts of all of these key moments during the recent visit.

The book is available to pre-order on veritas.ie and in all of our Veritas stores and will sell for €4.99.

If you would like to order multiple copies of this book for use in your diocese please contact Áine Curran and we would be happy to arrange a bulk discount for you.

Finally, on behalf of all of the staff of Veritas I would like to thank you all for your support and encouragement of our team at the RDS who found the entire occasion to be full of positive energy

Aidan Chester

Director    Veritas.




1.    A Prayer Service for 1st September 2018. This could be used for a prayer service in the parish or an ecumenical gathering or at the opening of the school year.


2.    Resources for at least one or some of the Sundays between 1 September and 4 October 2018, covering a Penitential service, Homily notes, Prayers of the Faithful, post-communion Reflection, and the dismissal the end of mass.

2.-Resources-for-Sept Sunday-Eucharists

3.    Resources for the feast of St Francis on 4 October 2018

3.-Prayer-Service-St Francis Oct 4th


4. Donna sent me this reflection based on Simon Peter saying ” To whom shall we go ?”


5.Donna kindly sent me the St Ciaran’s Mass and a link to utube video…

Video for Pope Francis’ Apostolic Exhortation Gaudete et Exsultate (Rejoice and be glad), on the call to holiness in today’s world.

Download the text from the Annual School mass…..










Welcome back dear friends and colleagues.

Some of you have kindly shared assembles for the Start of the new Academic Year and some prayers gathered from the internetAs we start back it is worth recalling some key principles under pinning Religious Education in our Catholic Schools.

Religious Education in Catholic Schools:

In the life of faith of the Catholic school, religious education plays a central and vital part. At the heart of Catholic education lies the Christian vision of the human person. This vision is expressed and explored in religious education. Therefor religious education is never simply one subject among many, but the foundation of the entire educational process. The beliefs and values studied in catholic religious education inspire and draw together every aspect of the life of a catholic school. We are committed to classroom RE, then, because all pupils have the right to receive an overall education which will enable them, in the light of the faith of the Church, to engage with the deepest questions of life and find reasons for the hope which is within them (1 Peter 3.15). Religious education is, then, the core subject in a Catholic school.

Excellence in religious education, then, will be characterised by a clarity of succinct religious learning objectives and of key content, by appropriate methodologies, rigour, richness of resources, achievement of identified outcomes and accurate methods of assessment. Classroom RE will be a challenging educational engagement between the pupil, the teacher and the authentic subject material.

When classroom RE displays these educational characteristics, then its specific contribution to the life of the Catholic school, which as a whole is a catechetical community, becomes apparent. Then the complementarity of the various roles which contribute to the life of the school is also clarified: the role of the leadership of the school as a catechetical community, the role of the chaplaincy of the school and the partnership in the religious life of the pupils between the school, the parishes and the families. All these have a part to play in the handing on of faith and its expression and exploration in daily life.

The importance of the teacher of RE cannot be exaggerated. We are most grateful to all those teachers who, week in and week out, have contributed to the religious education of pupils in our schools. We recognise the difficulties that are faced in this task, especially in a society like ours which does not encourage the natural religiosity of the individual, nor offer popular support for faithful adherence to the practice of faith. We salute the generosity of our teachers who have brought not only a love of their faith to their teaching but also a deep concern for the well-being of every pupil. We offer them every encouragement and support as they strive to develop their professional expertise in this vital subject. We also salute and thank the senior management teams and governors of our schools for their work in fostering our schools as communities of faith. We encourage them to give every possible support and importance to the RE departments and coordinators. A Catholic school which promotes the best possible teaching of religious education is fulfilling its true purpose.


Start of Year Resources:

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