World Mission Sunday 2019

This year, World Mission Sunday, with the theme ‘Together We Are Mission’, will be celebrated over the weekend of 20th October. Throughout October, there are many, many ways you can show your support – be it through action, giving or prayer.






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I like this short meditation ,it puts all of this into a great context

“They left everything and followed him”

My vocation is grounded in belonging to Jesus, and in the firm conviction that nothing will separate me from the love of Christ. The work we do is nothing more than a means of transforming our love for Christ into some­thing concrete. I didn’t have to find Jesus. Jesus found me and chose me. A strong vocation is based on be­ing possessed by Christ. It means loving him with un­divided attention and faithfulness through the freedom of poverty and total self-surrender through obedience. This is the call of being a Missionary of Charity, being wholeheartedly given over to serving the poorest of the poor. It means serving Christ through his suffering appearance in the poor:

He is the Life that I want to live. He is the Light that I want to radiate. He is the Way to the Father. He is the Love with which I want to love. He is the Joy that I want to share. He is the Peace that I want to sow. Jesus is Everything to me. Without him, I can do nothing.

Saint Teresa of Calcutta

Saint Teresa of Calcutta (t 1997) founded the Missionaries of Charity and won the Nobel Peace Prize.


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