A Day for Life 6th Oct 2019

Catholic Bishops Conferences for Ireland, England and Wales have chosen to focus on domestic abuse as this year’s theme for the Day for Life 2019.

Laura’s Story is typical of what so often happens.  To read her story go to    http://www.dayforlife.org/article/2019-day-for-life-domestic-abuse/




You can view the poster here below.

A Day for Life 6.10.2019

Some prayers

On this Day for Life, we pray for all those who are suffering and surviving domestic abuse, that they may be given hope and be filled with the love of God. Guide their abusers away from a course of violence and onto one of love.  Lord hear us ….

We pray for anyone who feels trapped or isolated in their home. Help us to reach out in love and friendship, responding to families affected by domestic abuse with patience, understanding and wisdom.  Lord hear us.

Lord, give us the courage to offer friendship to people in distress, remembering your example of the good Samaritan. Help us to know that prayers and actions must work hand in hand to bring about change. Lord hear us.

On this Day for Life, we pray for all lives, that they may be treated with respect and have their God-given dignity acknowledged from conception to natural death, as well as throughout life.


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