St Mark’s Gospel 2 Session Zoom Programme by Dr Pam Thimmes OSC

These sessions may be of interest especially to RE Teachers of GCSE Religious Studies and also to Junior Cert Religious Studies Teachers. Offered by Drumalis Retreat and Conference Centre on Saturday 19th September for Session 1 and later on Saturday 17th October from 10 am until 12,30 pm via Zoom.

Download full details here

Gospel of St Mark Two Themed Sessions

Session I:  Identity of Jesus in the Gospel

Saturday, 19 September from to am -12:30 pm

“The Gospel of Mark is a carefully conceived and artfully integrated narrative that is, in fact, a gripping drama filled with intrigue, confrontation, startling surprises, desertion, death, and resurrection.”       (P Thimmes, OSC)

While the origins of the Markan Cospei remain mostly in the shadows of antiquity it Is clear that the oldest of the four canonical gospels is dominated by the question, “Who do you say that I am?” This question is key to understanding and living from the Gospel. Prom the beginning of the Gospel (1:1) through the immediate post-crucifixion claim by the Centurion at the cross (1539) Jesus’ identity remains a primary concern. Those who surround the Markan Jesus struggle with their own expectations of him in the face of

Session II: Jesus the Teacher

Saturday, 17 October from 10 am • 12:30

It is clear that the oldest of the four canonical gospels frequently portrays Jesus as a miracle worker. Throughout the Cospel Jesus heals, exorcises and multiplies food; each action is a teaching moment. There are more miracle stories In Mark than any of the other Gospels. Miracle working is the teaching vehicle that defines who Jesus is and what is required for discipleship.


Dr Thimmes, Professor Emerita of Religious Studies at the University of Dayton, is a Poor Clare sister, who holds a B.S.Ed. from Ohio University In English literature, MAs from Canisius College and Vanderbilt University in Religious Studies, and was awarded a Ph.D. Irom Vanderbilt University in Biblical Studies

Cost kept  to a minimum to facilitate Teachers and schools.  £40 all in for two Sessions or £25 per single session.



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