Catholic Schools Week 2019

“Catholic Schools: Celebrating the Work of Our Own Catholic School”

Each year Catholic Schools Week provides Catholic school communities with an important opportunity to celebrate ‘who they are’ and ‘what they do’. Catholic Schools Week 2019 aims to achieve this in a more meaningful way by placing each local Catholic school at the centre our celebrations. This year the theme for Catholic Schools Week 2019 is ‘Catholic Schools: Celebrating the Work of Our Own Catholic School’ and we invite Catholic schools to reflect on and celebrate the relationship that exists between home, school and parish through participation in two catechetical moments

Catholic Schools Week 2019 runs from Sunday, 27 January to Sunday, 3 February.
The theme this year is Catholic Schools: Celebrating the Work of Our Local Catholic Schools.
The launch of Catholic Schools Week in the Archdiocese of Armagh will take place as follows:
Date                            Time              Venue
Tuesday 22nd January   11.00 am          Church of St John the Baptist, Drumcree, Portadown
Thursday 24 January      12.30pm          Church of the Holy Redeemer, Ard Easmuin, Dundalk

Catholic Schools Week  2019
This will run from Sunday Jan. 27t to Sunday Feb. 3rd 2019.  Both Junior and Senior Cycle Lesson plans and a liturgical resource will be available soon at:

This year’s poster / flyer   CSW_Flier_A4_2019

November Post Primary  Moment 1   Remembering our Dead


Do Not Let Your Hearts Be Troubled Music by David Haas Performed by Renae and Mark Haas


National Resources for 2019

Day 1.  LIVING TRADITION.    pp_day 1  (Pdf Download)

Day 2. Welcoming Diversity.  pp_day 2  (Pdf Download)

Day 3. Inter GenerationalEducation pp_day3  (Pdf Download)

Day 4. Serving Communities  pp_day 4  ( Pdf Download)

Day 5  Supporting Faith  pp_day 5 (Pdf Download)

BOM/BOG  Reflection pp_bom (Pdf Download)

Staff Reflection  pp_staff to staff

If you need these files in Irish you can access them on



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