A colleague recently asked me if I had a reflection or prayer on Servant Leadership.  I searched my files but didn’t find one.  I have made a small attempt myself at writing what I believe lies at the core of servant leadership.  I hope you may find it helpful     Declan


Servant Leadership  –  a prayer


Lord as we thank you for the great gift of communion with you, we recall that at the Last Supper you rose from the table and taking a towel you set to washing the feet of your disciples. Having completed this task, the work of a servant or slave, you asked your disciples to imitate this action saying “If I your Lord and Master have washed your feet, you should wash one another’s feet”.   Christian leadership is a leadership based on service.  After the Resurrection, the Risen Jesus had breakfast with some of the disciples by the lakeshore. Simon Peter who as leader had failed his Master even denying he had ever known him, found himself reinstated to this task when Jesus told him “feed my sheep”.  Christian leadership is about being called by the Master and following his example reaching out to those we meet in service, forgiveness and love. Lord like Simon Peter we are frail and all too human. Strengthen our resolve to be Easter people who through servanthood exercise Christian leadership believing that the Master comes to each of us in those we meet and serve each and every day,  Amen.

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