ST PATRICK 2015 I love this icon of Patrick which draws on the close links between the Desert Fathers and Mothers in Egypt where Christianity was flourishing after the dispersion of the Jewish People by Titus.  The Sinai Desert became the cradle of Christianity and the disciples who came there to seek God in solitude gave rise to what was later to be known as monasticism.  As all this was happening Patrick came to Ireland as a slave and later returned as a Christian Bishop to minister to the Irish.  Later disciples of Patrick founded similar monasteries on Skillig and throughout Ireland.

For Teaching Resources on Patrick please check the Archive section on the right for March 2014, March 2013 etc.

Celtic Saints – Patrick    Slide Presentation

Profile of St Patrick     Page outline of Patrick’s Life

St Patrick – a Reflection  A reflection by Fr Martin Coffey CP

Year 9 Drama for St Patrick’s Day Assembly      Written by Susan Morgan

St Patrick and Early Christianity   16 page Resource  1982 LRU  Stranmillis College.

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