CSW 2015 Cover

The theme for Catholic School Week 2015 is Catholic Schools: A Call to Serve

Dates for this Year : January 25 – February 1, 2015

Resources for schools will be sent out to all schools during the week of January 5, 2015

The theme for Catholic Schools Week 2015Catholic Schools: A Call to Serve, All involved in Catholic Education are called  to reflect on what we understand by service and how we live out the call to serve. We are all called as members of the school community to recall and rediscover the founding values; in other words, education is all embracing of our full personalities and never simply about transmitting simple facts. This year, school communities are encouraged to answer the Call to Serve; for example, by reaching out to those who are most in need in society.   Do try to celebrate this in your own school as well as participating in Diocesan Celebrations.

Resources to use and download :

CSW_Post Primary-Book 2015

CSW-Post Primary-Irish-Booklet

kindness-and-social-media-handout  +Eamon

Resource Pope-Francis-address-handout

CSW 15  Pdf of Powerpoint for Backdrop in Assemblies.

CSW 15   Powerpoint for Backdrop in Assemblies.

A Call to Serve.  ( Armagh Diocesan Celebration )
To celebrate all we do in our great schools we invite all school Principals,  school’s Religious Education Co-ordinator, two students and a member of your school general staff to a Celebratory Mass of thanksgiving in St Patrick’s Cathedral Armagh on Wednesday January 21st at 11.30 am . (Please note change in time from last year please.)

You will be invited on arrival to place a fresh bread baguette in a basket at the entrance to the Cathedral. Also the Planning Group would love if the Confirmation Class and in the case of Secondary Schools the Students Council might collect and donate a gift of £20 in an envelope for use in projects by 4 Religious Orders who will be our special guests that day. This year we especially remember and celebrate those who have consecrated their lives as members of Religious Congregations

Resources have been produced to use with R.E. classes for each of the school days during Catholic Schools Week: See downloads above.

Dundalk Schools celebrate CSW at the Church of the Holy Redeemer.

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