Capital Punishment – Death Row Ministry.

Suitable for GCSE and Senior Rel Education.

Helen Prejéan, is a Roman Catholic sister, a member of the Congregation of St Joesph and a leading American advocate for the abolition of the death penalty.

Her efforts in death row ministry began in New Orleans in 1981. She corresponded with convicted murderer Elmo Patrick Sonnier, in the Louisiana State Penitentiary.

Dead Man Walking, the biographical account of her relationship with Sonnier and other inmates on death row, served as the basis for a feature film, an opera, and a play. In the film, directed by Tim Robbins, she was portrayed by Susan Sarandon, who won an Academy Award.

She spoke to Rojo on Spirit about her experiences

Check this link to Podcast

Check out Utube re film  “Dead men walking ”

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