Prayer and Icon Exhibition in Armagh October 1 – 3rd October 2013.

As part of the Year of Faith the “Art and Practice of Daily Prayer” opens at the Synod Hall behind St Patrick’s Cathedral on Tuesday October 1st.  This event is aimed at helping many rediscover how to pray and also how to develop a small sacred space at home so that that families might have a focus around which to gather and pray.  There will be a display of sacred Icons on loan from the Irish Iconography Group and many items of interest connected with prayer and spirituality.  School groups may find a visit very rewarding. It is hoped to have some activities for children and youth to help them in their own faith journey.  Email Fr Declan if you are taking a large group so that we can be prepared to receive you.

Download this poster to display in school :

The Art & Practice of Daily Prayer

More details will get posted including a timetable closer to the event.

Some Religious Icons ;

The process of writing an icon


How Icons are written in 2 minutes !!

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