Speaking on World Peace Day Bishop McKeown addresses the special mission of Catholic Schools in this Year of Faith.

Bishop Mc Keown New Year Homily1

Some resources for the Year of Faith are in an earlier blog below.

The Nicene Creed is the prayer for the Year of Faith

Check this video out …  The Creed

People who were faith filled :

Profile 1 Thomas Merton

Profile 2 Mother Teresa

Profile 3 Edith Stein

Profile 4 St Francis of Assisi

Year of Faith Prayer .   ( Denis)

The Conference of Religious  (CORI) have produced these brilliant 4 page reflections for the Year of Faith :

cori journey of discipleship 1

cori the prayer of christians 2

cori who do people say i am 3

cori we believe in the spirit 4

cori models of christian discipleship 5


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