GCSE RELIGIOUS STUDIES & Key Stage 4 Rel Ed for Those with Learning Needs

Most RC schools in N Ireland are currently offering AQA specifications for Religious Studies. The most common options being Unit 1 Christianity, Unit 2 Christianity Ethics. Unit 3 Roman Catholicism, Unit 4 Roman Catholicism Ethics, Unit 5 St Mark’s Gospel.

For convenience you can download these options here:

787AQA Syllabus A

C1152d01 Christianity

69A17265d01 Christianity scheme of work

AA0EF267d01 Roman Catholicism

36CEE7B5d01 Roman Catholicism Scheme of work

B75A5859d01 Roman Catholicism Ethics

5A734E14d01 RC Ethics Scheme of work

BBECF61Bd01 St Mark’s Gospel

19914552d01 St Mark Scheme of work

5CF8FB61d01 Change to content

For students with Learning Issues :

For students that would not be able to accomplish a GCSE because of learning difficulties the former Diocesan Christian Lifestyle Programme is no longer an option. Some might like to offer the Entry level Programme offered by Edexcel selecting the Roman Catholic Option and combine this with the Faith Award offered by the Archdiocese of Armagh “The Muireadhach Award “. This combination would offer these students a challenge and a very good personal experience of religious education at this stage in their schooling.


The Muireadach Award


Another possible resource that might be worth your consideration is the NOCN General Religious Education Entry Level 1 to 3 Awards (QCF)



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