Our Holy Father Pope Francis speaks to all Families ahead of Holy WEEK




Text of Holy Father’s talk

The official translation of the Pope’s video message is below:

Dear friends, good evening!

This evening I have the chance to enter your homes in a different way than usual. If you allow me, I would like to have a conversation with you for a few moments, in this time of difficulty and of suffering. I can imagine you in your families, living an unusual life to avoid contagion. I am thinking of the liveliness of children and young people, who cannot go out, attend school, live their lives. I have in my heart all the families, especially those who have a loved one who is sick or who have unfortunately experienced mourning due to the coronavirus or other causes. These days I often think about people who are alone, and for whom it is more difficult to face these moments. Above all I think of the elderly, who are very dear to me.

I cannot forget those who are sick with coronavirus, people who are in hospital. I am aware of the generosity of those who put themselves at risk for the treatment of this pandemic or to guarantee the essential services to society. So many heroes, every day, at every hour! I also remember how many are in financial straits and are worried about work and the future. A thought also goes out to prison inmates, whose pain is compounded by fear of the epidemic, for themselves and their loved ones; I think of the homeless, who do not have a home to protect them.

It is a difficult time for everyone. For many, very difficult. The Pope knows this and, with these words, he wants to tell everyone of his closeness and affection. Let us try, if we can, to make the best use of this time: let us be generous; let us help those in need in our neighbourhood; let us look out for the loneliest people, perhaps by telephone or social networks; let us pray to the Lord for those who are in difficulty in Italy and in the world. Even if we are isolated, thought and spirit can go far with the creativity of love. This is what we need today: the creativity of love. This is what is needed today: the creativity of love.

We will celebrate Holy Week in a truly unusual way, which manifests and sums up the message of the Gospel, that of God’s boundless love. And in the silence of our cities, the Easter Gospel will resound. The Apostle Paul says: “And He died for all, that those who live should no longer live for themselves, but for Him Who died for them and was raised again” (2 Cor 5:15). In the risen Jesus, life conquered death. This Paschal faith nourishes our hope. I would like to share it with you this evening. It is the hope of a better time, in which we can be better, finally freed from evil and from this pandemic. It is a hope: hope does not disappoint; it is not an illusion, it is a hope.

Beside each other, in love and patience, we can prepare a better time in these days. Thank you for allowing me into your homes. Make a gesture of tenderness towards those who suffer, towards children, and towards the elderly. Tell them that the Pope is close and pray, that the Lord will soon deliver us all from evil. And you, pray for me. Have a good dinner. See you soon!



Holy Week is an important time for us as Christians, but this year we are unable to gather to pray and reflect because of the pandemic.

This site has gathered activities that will help you and your children move through the week thoughtfully, prayerfully, and also with some fun.

Pick and choose from the options based on the ages of your children and what appeals to you.

Ideas are listed on the most relevant day, but you can do them whenever you would like.

What is most important this week—especially during this unsettling time—is for you to be present to your children, say you love them, talk to them about faith, and pray with them.

PLEASE Check out this link for super resources


Access the activities for each day with the links below or the menu at the top of the page.  Materials on this site for

Palm Sunday    https://holyweek.pastoral.center/palm_sunday

Holy Thursday  https://holyweek.pastoral.center/holy_thursday

Good Friday   https://holyweek.pastoral.center/good_friday

Easter Sunday.  https://holyweek.pastoral.center/easter_sunday


Also Please checkout Armagh Prays for Holy Week prayer resources


Bishop Michael speaks to us





Holy Week @HOME Family Retreat    This is a superb pack to print off and use at home this Holy Week. Something for everyone at home.

Palm Sunday

The Last Supper Activity Pack

Anointing Feet



The Resurrection of Jesus wordsearch



Holy week retreat from https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1_voxLrr391f50ebFxMUDnjvODVwLLE1o-kP-mzFD5Ig/edit#slide=id.p

A Plan of the week



Another way of participating in Holy Week :

Join Fr Denis Mc Bride well know scripture scholar and retreat master for HOLY WEEK REFLECTION

Hosted by Redemptorist Publications view Fr Denis here



Coming next week

Wednesday 8th April 2020, another free audio resource by Redemptorist Publications, in which Fr Denis McBride C.Ss.R. accompanies us through the services of the Easter Triduum. You will hear to prayers, readings, psalms and the Gospels of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Vigil.


LINK  https://www.rpbooks.co.uk/stations-of-the-cross-then-and-now-free-reflections?utm_source=RP+Newsletter+2020&utm_campaign=2758ea10e8-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2020_01_13_04_38_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_61d90c626e-2758ea10e8-217574287&mc_cid=2758ea10e8&mc_eid=eefcde65aa

MASSES on LINE  Full list of parishes with Mass times.




Litany prayed by Pope Francis last Friday – could be used as a prayer at Veneration of Cross on Good Friday Solemn Liturgy

Litany of Supplication used by Pope Francis




A prayer composed by Fr. Donal Neary, SJ

Be with us Lord, in times of darkness: may you be our light;

In times of isolation, may we support each other,
In times of illness, heal each one.
Be with our nurses, doctors and all medical staffs,
And all who keep life going at this time,
Those who care at home for the elderly
and look after our children,
And those who look out for the poor.

Remember Lord in your kindness, all I remember this day,
Especially those away from home.
Father God, Brother Jesus, Mother Mary,
Let me not lose hope in your love, now and always.
Holy Spirit fill us all with serenity and hope.

Veritas, the publishers of the Grow in LoveReligious Education programme used in Primary Schools has opened up its website to public access for the duration of school closures.  Families can access the class material relevant to their own child’s / children’s class / classes. 
Each year has a section on Holy Week and Easter listed among its ten-or-so themes, with video clips and other materials linked to the the Pupil Textbook.  .
The web address is:  https://app.growinlove.ie/en/login
In the box asking for your email address type:  trial@growinlove
Password:  growinlove



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