Talking about the Lent/Easter Sacred Space:

Purple is the colour used in the church for lent. It has two meanings – purple is used to denote the penance (sacrifice) we do to prepare for something special and it is also the colour of royalty. The soldiers dressed Jesus in a purple robe when they mocked him as a ‘king’.

The hessian cloth shows the desert, where Jesus spent 40 days and 40 nights preparing for his ministry. Our 40 days of Lent imitates this time. The cacti help to create a desert scene.

The stones represent one of the temptations that the devil put before Jesus in the desert. He challenged Jesus, that if he really was the Son of God, he could turn the stones into loaves of bread. Jesus resisted the temptation.

The Eiffel tower represents another temptation. The devil told Jesus if he really was God’s Son, he could jump off a high tower and angels would help him fly. Jesus resisted the temptation.

The crown represents the third temptation when the devil promised Jesus that if he followed him, he would make him king of the whole world. Jesus resisted again.

The donkey reminds us of how Jesus rode into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. The cross made out of dried palm leaves reminds us that people waved palms like flags and cheered Jesus as he arrived.

The chalice reminds us of the Last Supper when Jesus changed bread and wine into his own body and blood and said “Do this in memory of me”.

The purse with silver coins reminds us how Judas betrayed Jesus to the chief priests and was paid 30 pieces of silver.

The cockerel reminds us of how Peter was so afraid that he denied that Jesus was his friend. He did this 3 times before the cockerel crew.

The cross reminds us how Jesus died on Good Friday on the hill of Golgotha.

The angel carrying the cross reminds us of the angel who told Mary Magdalen and another Mary that Jesus had risen from the dead.

The lamb reminds us of how the Jewish people would sacrifice a lamb at their Passover feast, to make up for their sins. Because Jesus sacrificed himself on the cross for our sins, he is often called the Lamb of God.

Eggs are symbols of new life and the wooden egg here is decorated with Christian symbols to show that the resurrection of Jesus means that there is a new life for all of us, even after death.


For a lovely Ignatian prayer meditation entitled “Following Jesus into the Desert” use this link

Following Jesus into the Desert



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